Who is Jonas?

Who is Jonas?

That’s me! My name is Jonas. I am 35 years old and I like to travel. I welcome you to my blog! Among my hobbies are the following:

  • Discussing
  • Hiking
  • Taking pictures (sometimes videos too)
  • Being in nature
  • Reading about history
  • Watching movies

A lot of people envy me for my lifestyle. But yeah, it’s pretty human I’d say. Sometimes I envy a lot of them for their “stable” lifes. Honestly, I am pretty happy with my life. The things I do and what I have explored and seen so far are amazing!

Freedom is a very important thing to me. I cannot be inside a cage. I have to go out and see what’s there. I have to see it for myself. It isn’t enough when people tell me about it. It isn’t enough when I see it on TV or the IMAX. By the way, I am an IMAX addict. I love to see documentaries on the big screen 😉

Often people tell me: you’re brave or you have courage man. Travelling the world alone. After you quit your job and your flat in Switzerland. Do I have courage? Am I brave? I don’t know.

In February this year someone told me:

“You are looking for danger on purpose.”

He said that after I told him, that I would go to India and some other countries in a few weeks and don’t know when I would come back. Danger is a word that is heared often nowadays. It’s dangerous in this country. It is dangerous in this city. It is dangerous in that region. Frankly I never cared much about that. Danger and the feeling of safety are always subject to ones personal perception, in my opinion. Some mind find that naive. Good for them.

Here I am, still doing what I like. So please join me, as I venture to different places, often full of contrasts and experience my adventures here with me on this blog! =)